Sample Petition Letter

Current Date 

Petitions Committee, Faculty of ____________

Room # and Building, York University

4700 Keele Street,

Toronto, ON

M3J 1P3 
Dear Members of the (Petition/Appeal) Committee: 

I am writing this letter in order to petition for (state the regulation that you are petitioning) in (course name, number, tutorial/lab, term) based on the following grounds (compassion, medical, extenuating circumstances). My petition makes references to the following supporting documents (list them in order): 

The circumstances surrounding my petition are (describe your situation in as great detail as possible, outlining everything from beginning to end, using specific dates). Make it overtly obvious as to how the circumstances have affected your academics. Refer to your evidence and use it to strengthen your case. (Note: this information is kept confidential.) 

As a result of this situation (summarize your arguments), I would appreciate your approval of my petition. 

Thank you for your kind attention to this matter, 

Your Name

Student Number

Mailing Address