Jessica Thyriar


Jessica Antoinette Philicia Thyriar (Yes I have a lot of names)






Bachelor of Criminology – Honours


Where you grew up:

Brampton, Ontario


How you got involved in the YFS:

I got involved with the York Federation of Students when I started volunteering for the Drop Fees campaign. It was my first year, and the President at the time handed me a flyer and talked to me about the National Day of Action. I attended, had an amazing time and was eager to continue to be apart of my students union.


Campus involvement:

My first dose of York University was McLaughlin Frosh, where I made a ton of new friends and got to experience York from the college perspective. Then in my second year I became the Vice-President Events for the Tamil Students Association (TSA), and the Vice-President Education the year after. After being a part of the club I joined the student union and served as the Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Director, Vice-President Campus Life and now I hold the position of President. I did a lot of other stuff, but you probably don’t care or have stopped reading this.


Favourite music:

I like all kinds of music, except for really intense beats when I have a headache.


Favourite food:

This is not a fair question, but if I really had to pick it would be Hakka food. I like all food, I eat everything.


Fun fact:

I have every colour of eye shadow any one could possible have.